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Trade Info - Vat Forms
 1  DVAT 01-Application For Opting For Composition Scheme.pdf  2  DVAT 02-Application For Opting For Composition Scheme.pdf
 3  DVAT 03-Application For Withdrawal From Composition Scheme.pdf  4  DVAT 04 -Registration form.pdf
 4  DVAT05-Notice Proposing Rejection of Registration Application.pdf  5  DVAT 06
 5  DVAT 07 -Amendment of Registration.pdf  6  DVAT 09-Cancellation of Registration.pdf
 7  DVAT 10-Show Cause Notice for Cancellation of Registration .pdf  8  DVAT 11-Cancellation of Registration.pdf
 9  DVAT 12-Form for furnishing Security.pdf  10  DVAT 13-Application for return, release or discharge of security.pdf
 11  DVAT 14-Notice for forfeiture and insufficiency of security.pdf  12  DVAT 15-Order of forfeiture of security .pdf
 13  DVAT 16-Return.pdf  14  DVAT 17-Composition Tax Return.pdf
 15  DVAT 18-Statement of Tax paid Stock in hand on April 1, 2005.pdf  16  DVAT 19-Statement of Trading Stock and Raw Material as on the date of registration .pdf
 17  DVAT 20-Challan Part-B.pdf  18  DVAT 20-Challan-Part-C.pdf
 19  DVAT 20-Challan-Part-D.pdf  20  DVAT 21-Refund Claim.pdf
 21  DVAT 22-Refund order.pdf  22  DVAT 23- Tax Refund Form .pdf
 23  DVAT 24-Notice of default assessment of tax and interest under section 32 .pdf  24  DVAT 25 Recovery Certificate.pdf
 25  DVAT 26-Continuation of Recovery Proceedings.pdf  26  DVAT 27-Notice for special mode of recovery under section 46 , 2005.pdf
 27  DVAT 28-Summons to appear in person or to produce documents.pdf  28  DVAT 29Notice for redeeming goods.pdf
 29  DVAT 30-Specimen of Purchase OR inward Branch transfer Register.pdf  30  DVAT 31-Specimen of Sales OR outward Branch Transfer Register.pdf
 31  DVAT 32 Goods Transport Receipt.pdf  32  DVAT 33-Delivery Note.pdf
 33  DVAT 34- Export Declaration.pdf  34  DVAT 35-Goods Transit Slip.pdf
 35  DVAT 36-Undertaking cum Indemnity by Purchasing Dealer.pdf  36  DVAT 37-Notice for Audit of Business Affairs.pdf
 37  DVAT 38-Appeal Form under DNH Value Added Tax Regulation, 2005.pdf  38  DVAT 39-Application for Condonation of Delay under Regulation, 2005.pdf
 39  DVAT 40--Decision of the Commissioner in respect of an objection.pdf  40  DVAT 41-Notice of delay in deciding an objection.pdf
 41  DVAT 42-Application for Determination of Specific Question under Regulation, 2005.pdf  42  DVAT 43-Form of Certificate of Audit of Accounts.pdf
 43  DVAT 44-Application For Obtaining Form DVAT 34 or DVAT 35.pdf  44  DVAT 45 A--Certificate of Deduction of Tax at Source .pdf
 45  DVAT 45 B--Application for allotment of Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) under .pdf  46  DVAT 45 C-Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) certificate under.pdf
 47  DVAT 45 D-Form of Annual Return by the Contractee for the year.pdf  48  DVAT 46Certificate of Enrolment as a Value Added Tax Practitioner.pdf
 49  DVAT 47-Grant of Authority by the Commissioner.pdf  50  DVAT 48-Annual Return Statement of Exports OR Inter-State Sales OR Branch Transfer for the year.pdf
 51  DVAT-49 Acknowledment slip